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1. How Does Vaso Blast Work?

The scientific strategy that is contained in Vaso Blast capsules is not just an advancement - it is truly revolutionary! Vaso Blast works better than any other natural male enhancement product because of a breakthrough technology which uses the "Reverse Nitric Oxide Pathway" to make your penis larger. All other male enhancement pills rely on the standard Nitric Oxide pathway to expand the size of your penis with L-Arginine. This strategy can produce results which will make your penis marginally longer and bigger, but these results simply cannot compete with the new approach exclusively utilized by Vaso Blast. Simply put the Reverse Nitric Oxide Pathway blows away all other technology and delivers results that are nothing short of incredible. The size gains are unmatched by any other product.

2. How Long Before I Start Seeing Results with Vaso Blast?

Almost immediately you will notice that your penis feels fuller. Many men report this full sensation within just the first few days! Significant size gains are noticeable as early as four to five weeks, with most men reporting the biggest size increase taking place in their second month of usage.

3. Is Vaso Blast Like Viagra?

Vaso Blast is nothing like Viagra. Viagra is a "situation specific" product that is taken to give a man a harder erection in less than an hour. Viagra does nothing to increase the size of a man's penis, again it simply allows a man to get an erection in less than one hour. Vaso Blast was engineered to make the actual size of a man's penis bigger and longer, not harder.

4. Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no known side effects, however we are required to tell you that because Vaso Blast does contain our proprietary compound Vasodex, and is quite potent, you are strongly urged NOT to exceed the recommended daily usage dose of three capsules. Vaso Blast is extremely potent and some users have seen their penis increase in size more than they had originally intended due to consuming an amount far great than recommended. If you follow the usage directions, you will not experience any side effects.

5. How Big Can I Get?

Depending upon your age and the current condition of your penis determines how much bigger you can get. It is difficult to give an exact number. But we can say with 100% certainty that you will get bigger - no question. The only variable is how much bigger. Some men report a 35% size change or greater, while others only notice a 15% change. Regardless of how much bigger you get, there is no other supplement that you can take that will make you bigger. After taking Vaso Blast the size of your penis is the biggest it's ever going to be, without going under the knife for surgery. Don't worry; you will get bigger with Vaso Blast.

6. What is the Best Time to Take the Capsules?

There is no "best time" to take Vaso Blast there is an "ONLY" time. You absolutely MUST take Vaso Blast in the evening. It is crucial, as the Reverse Nitric Oxide Pathway is most responsive when you are sleeping. One of the main reasons men are seeing the size of their penis increase so dramatically is because of the timing of usage. We found that the pills did not work as well when taken during the day and that is because the Reverse Nitric Oxide Pathway is not as responsive in the day when the body is active, as it is in the evening when the body is resting while asleep. Take them at night, ideally within 90 minutes of when you fall asleep.

7. When do I Stop Taking It?

You will know - when your penis is the size you want it to be. It is a very exciting time to know that you have achieved your size goal and you can look at your penis and know - "Hey this is enough." At this point you can decide if you want to stop taking the product. Like working out in the gym you may decide to take a maintenance dose once or twice a week after the sixth month program.

8. Why is Vasodex so Important?

Vasodex is not just important, but it is the key! Vasodex is our proprietary complex of compound which triggers the response from the Reverse Nitric Oxide Pathway. No other company can reverse engineer our "secret ingredient" and therefore no other company can give you the massive size increase that only Vaso Blast can deliver. And this is all possible due to Vasodex!

9. What Makes Vaso Blast Different Than Other Male Enhancement Products?

It is the ONLY male enhancement pill in the world that utilizes the Reverse Nitric Oxide Pathway with our own proprietary compound, Vasodex, which produces penis size increases that are unmatched. Simply put, Vaso Blast is different from all other male enhancement products because it works better than all of them - in fact it is not even close.

10. Do I need a Prescription to Buy This?

No. It is a 100% natural product and requires no prescription.

11. I am a bit concerned by the warning? Can you explain this?

What can we say - sometimes it works too well and your penis can get even larger than our projection charts. Please do not get carried away and consume double or triple the dosage as some have done. The warning is required as a result of three different men NOT following instructions and took so much Vaso Blast over a longer than recommended period of time and saw their penis get literally gigantic. Vaso Blast is 100% safe, or we wouldn't have received authorization to sell it. However, you must follow the directions. Do not exceed three pills a day and do not consume for longer than one year and you will not experience any side effects - except for extreme happiness and pride at the new size of your penis!

12. Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

We are proud to offer the STRONGEST money back guarantee in the industry! Our pill is second to NONE so we feel our guarantee should be the strongest. But even though it is the strongest guarantee in the business, it is almost completely worthless because you are never going to use it! You are not going to want to return Vaso Blast and get your money back! You are going to be too excited, too jacked-up and too thrilled because your penis is going to be bigger than you ever imagined - you are going to be too busy having the greatest sex of your life.

The only additional question you might have about Vaso Blast - can you send me more! However, if you are one of the less than one percent who wants their money back - rest assured we offer a complete 100% no questions asked refund that even includes your shipping and handling. If Vaso Blast doesn't work for you, then we do not want your money!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are for informational purposes only. They should not be considered medical advice. Always consult a doctor for medical advice. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Vaso Blast is a registered trademark of Cytozyte Technologies.

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