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Men of all ages love it. They are gobbling it up like popcorn. We can barely keep up with demand. Stores can't keep it on their shelves. It's Vaso Blast, the revolutionary super penis pill that can add incredible size to your penis in record time, safe and natural without the danger of going under the knife for risky penile surgery. It's simple. Vaso Blast is not only our latest product but also our most controversial product. By simply taking two Vaso Blast capsules every day … it will make your penis grow in both length and thickness by a whopping 31%.

It works by expanding the two erectile chambers in your penis making them longer and wider with our advanced “reverse nitric-oxide” technology designed to target your key penile receptor sites, with our proprietary blend of pharmaceutical quality Vasodex.

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Vaso Blast is made for men who are NOT HAPPY WITH AVERAGE!

You don’t want to make an average income … live in an average home… drive an average car … why settle for an average penis … especially since it is inexpensive and safe to have some serious machinery between your legs.

In a recent survey conducted by Durex Condoms, 67% of women said that they are unhappy with the size of their lover’s penis. Proof that size does matter! A larger penis has much more surface space area and is capable of stimulating more nerve endings, providing more pleasure for you and your partner. A man endowed with a 7” or 8” penis is simply better “equipped” than a man with a 5” or 6” penis. Would you rather have more than enough to get the job done . . .or fall short. It’s totally up to you.

Vaso Blast offers you the opportunity to make your penis grow, and grow until you decide it’s the perfect size. So don’t settle for ordinary – this is your opportunity not to just get big ... but to get HUGE!!

Is it because it's the only formula that contains Vasodex, whose key components have been proven in scientific placebo-controlled studies to increase nitric oxide production?

Is it because in reported studies Vaso Blast shows an average increase in erection size of 31% for all men on the program? This is over a 30% greater erection size increase than our nearest competitor.

Is it because it's the only formula on the market to contain a whopping 812mg of pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine per serving and the only one to contain scientifically proven L-Citrulline?

Or is it because it's the only male enhancement formula on the market using the targeted Ultra Growth Transformation System through encapsulation technology which delivers more active ingredients to capillary matrix target zone with greater accuracy?

Find out for yourself. Try Vaso Blast and join the delighted men nationwide who have already made the switch and are raving about the incredible results Vaso Blast delivers!

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To sum it up. We can state with complete confidence that Vaso Blast is the single most effective male enhancement and sexual performance enhancing natural complex in the world bar none! The average reported increase in erection size is an industry high 31%!

If you are anxious to drive women wild, be the King of any bedroom you walk into and be the lover no woman will ever forget, there is no better product to use than Vaso Blast featuring Vasodex - the new standard in advanced penile augmentation technology.

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